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Canadian Science Policy Centre | Panel 12: Data management plans- Policy and Practice

Panel 12: Data management plans- Policy and Practice

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This session is jointly sponsored by Research Data Canada (RDC), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) on behalf of federal funders. Walter Stewart, Co-ordinator RDC, will moderate the session. Ted Hewitt, Executive Vice-President SSHRC, will speak to the reasons and the mechanisms for the introduction of a requirement for Data Management Plans (DMP) in Canada and the consultation process underway by the TC3+. Chuck Humphrey, Research Data Management Services Coordinator at the University of Alberta, and Wendy Watkins, Data Librarian at Carleton University, will provide practical advice in preparing a DMP and will demonstrate Web-based tools supporting this. Participants are encouraged to bring a research use case for developing a data management plan in their context. Participants will come away from the session with the following:

An appreciation of the value of data management plans
An understanding of the content that goes into a data management plan and of tools that will help prepare such a plan
An awareness of where to go for support in preparing a data management plan.
An overview of developments to build research data management infrastructure around the country.

Moderator Details

Walter Stewart is an independent consultant in technology, organization, and strategic planning. His clients include organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. More and more his work focuses on brokering large, multi-stakeholder projects that span across the sectors. Walter Stewart is currently the Co-ordinator for Research Data Canada, an organization dedicated to ensuring that Canada’s research data are both preserved and accessible. In that connection, Walter has represented Research Data Canada in meetings in Copenhagen, Washington, Barcelona, and Gothenburg in the establishment of the global Research Data Alliance ( RDA). Walter is the Co-Chair of the Organisational Assembly of RDA and Observer on the RDA Council. Walter Stewart is a former Chair of the Board of CANARIE, Canada high bandwidth network for research. After his service on the board, Walter continued to serve CANARIE for an additional five years as a consultant on building digital infrastructure in Canada. In that connection he worked closely with a number of universities across the country, operators of research infrastructure, and regional optical networks. Walter’s engagement with CANARIE continues from time-to-time most recently in early 2013 to facilitate a consultation process on new business models for the network.

Panelist Details

Christine Trauttsmansdorff
Executive Director

Christine Trauttmansdorff is the Executive Director of Corporate Strategy and Performance at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) with responsibilities for policy and international affairs, planning, performance, and governance. She represents SSHRC on a number of tri-agency policy teams, including on open access and data management.

Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) and a Master of Arts (Public Administration) from Carleton University. Prior to joining SSHRC in 2006, she worked at the House of Commons as a procedural advisor to parliamentarians and as manager of various operational and corporate divisions.

Ernie Boyko
Data Librarian
Carleton University

Ernie Boyko is a former staff member of Statistics Canada where he held a number of Directorships, including Agriculture, Corporate Planning, Electronic Publishing, and Operations for the 1991 Census. His responsibilities included overseeing the work of the Canadian Data Liberation Initiative while he headed Statistics Canada’s Library and information Centre.

Since departing Statistics Canada, he has been an Adjunct Data Librarian at Carleton University where he has worked with the Data Centre in the area of Research Data Management for gradate students. He has worked with several developing countries in the area of statistical development and data management. He is an active member of the Canadian Association of Public Data Users and the International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology.

Charles (Chuck) Humphrey
Research Data Management Services Coordinator
University of Alberta

Chuck has worked on several regional, national and international initiatives to increase access to data for teaching and research purposes. Included in these initiatives are the National Data Archive Consultation, the National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data, the Canadian Digital Information Strategy Development Committee, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Joint Task Force on Library Support for E-Science, the International Data Forum, the OECD Global Science Forum for Data and Research Infrastructure for the Social Sciences, Research Data Canada, and the CARL ARC project. Chuck was the lead investigator in establishing a centre in the University of Alberta Libraries for the Canadian International Polar Year (IPY) Data Assembly Centres, which has now become the Canadian Polar Data Network. He is a Board Member of CASRAI and the past Chair of the DDI Alliance, an international metadata standards body for research data.