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CSPC | Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award (CSPC 2020)

Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award (CSPC 2020)

New Nomination Deadline: September 8th

The Canadian Science Policy Centre is pleased to announce the launch of the nomination process for the 2nd Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award to recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to science policy.


The CSPC 2020 Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to science policy, and have championed and inspired the science policy community in Canada.  CSPC encourages all individuals and/or organizations to nominate a person who meets at least four of the selection criteria described below. If a nomination is provided by an organization, the nominee's impact should extend well beyond the nominating organization. Achieving a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian science enterprise will greatly advance our collective ability to better respond to local, national, and global challenges. The CSPC is committed to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and encourages individuals from all groups to apply. An individual may win the CSPC award only once.


The winner of the award will be recognized prominently at the CSPC 2020 virtual conference, during a plenary session in November 2020. Winners will also receive a trophy and a certificate from CSPC. In addition, the winner is entitled to lifetime free entry to all CSPC functions, including the annual conference.

How to Apply

Any individual or organization may submit a nomination by completing the accompanying CSPC Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award form. Nomination form(s) must be submitted by Tuesday September 8th, 2020.  Self-nominations will not be accepted for this award.

Application Elements

  1. Nominator’s Details (Name, Organization, Short Biography)
  2. Nominee Details (Name, Organization, Short Biography)
  3. Selected Criteria For Nomination
  4. Nomination Justification (describe how the nominee meets the criteria as defined for the Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award. Suggested 100 words per criteria, up to a maximum of 700 words total)
  5. Significant Contributions (list 3 to 5 of the most significant contributions of the nominee to science policy in Canada (400 words maximum)
  6. Nomination Summary (include a brief introduction (1 paragraph) of the nominee, summarizing their contributions to science policy in Canada. Note that, if selected, this summary will be used to introduce them during the award announcement at CSPC 2020 virtual conference)
  7. Nominee’s CV (maximum 5 pages)

 Rules and Eligibility

  1. Nominees must have made significant contributions to Canadian science policy ecosystem, as outlined in selection criteria below.
  2. All scores and feedback provided by the judges will not be disclosed for any reason.
  3. CSPC reserves the right to use the Nomination Summary of the winner in all Conference materials before, during and after the event as well as profiling the winner on the CSPC website and related documents.
  4. CSPC will hold confidential all information that will reveal the identity of nominators and nominees, with the exception of that of the award winner and his/her nominees.
  5. The current CSPC Board, Management, and members of the Awards Selection Committee may neither nominate candidates nor be nominated for the Exceptional Contribution Award.

If you have any issues in submitting your nomination or any questions regarding the submission, please email

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria will be used to assess each nomination and select the winner of the award. The CSPC Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy Award recognizes one’s contributions to science policy in Canada. It is awarded annually to an individual who has demonstrated excellence, influence, and leadership in science policy.

The individual must fulfill at least four of the following criteria:

  • Policy making: Has demonstrated significant and long-lasting impacts and contributions to science-based policy research and science policy-making in Canada.
  • Advancing research: Has contributed significantly to the research of science policy in Canada.
  • Community-building: Has made a significant impact in bridging the various stakeholders of science policy in the spirit of building a more cohesive and connected science policy community.
  • Innovating: Has been the source of a new initiative, project, or a change, that has significantly impacted the science policy community.
  • Leading/ catalyzing change: Is a recognized and respected leader or has exemplified leadership at any level, formally or informally; has inspired and motivated community members and colleagues. Has sparked a positive change in the behaviours and/or the working environment within the Canadian science policy space. 
  • Championing/ advocating: Has contributed significantly to promoting and raising the profile of science policy in Canada.
  • Capacity-building: Has demonstrated his/her exceptional ability to train, mentor, and inspire the next generation of scientists and policy makers through an inclusive and collaborative approach.


Awards Selection Committee

A selection committee independent of nominators and nominees will review all nominations and recommend to the CSPC Board of Directors those that meet the threshold of excellence expected for this prestigious national award. The CSPC Board of Directors will review the recommendations and make the final decisions. There will be no appeal process.


Previous Winner


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