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CSPC | CSPC 2014

CSPC 2014

Honorary Conference Chairs

Frank McKenna
Deputy Chairman
Toronto Dominion Bank
John Risley
President and CEO
Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.


Canada’s procurement policy and its associated value proposition and Industrial and Technological Benefit (ITB) policies have the potential to create powerful strategic opportunities for Canadian...

Peter Nicholson, Eric L. Cook, P.Eng., Jim King, Stephen Lund, Christyn Cianfarani, John Knubley

To provide the knowledge to address big problems or complex issues with no obvious solutions, nations are turning to large multi-disciplinary research networks. These networks draw on researchers...

Sara Iverson, Lucia Fanning, Tony Charles, Fred Whoriskey, Ronald Pelot, Ph.D., P.Eng.

The cost to Canadians of natural hazard events is substantial and continues to increase. Major Canadian S&T investments, such as the Ocean Networks Canada observatories and the Marine...

Martin Taylor, Douglas Wallace, Phillip Hill, Laurie L’Heureux, Kate Moran

Canadian academic research in all disciplines is among the best in the world but Canada is not extracting full social and economic value from this research. Reductions in the policy capacity...

Dr. Robert Haché, Christine Tausig Ford, Neil Gall, Anthony Giles, Dr. Rainer Engelhardt

Genomes are made out of DNA and contain the “code of life” of any living organism. The work of cracking these codes is unleashing innovations that are helping to address some of the most critical...


Canada’s knowledge-based economy relies on collaboration more than ever – collaboration is required not only to create new knowledge but also to transform this knowledge into products and services...

Jim Ghadbane, Dr. Steve Liang, Robin Winsor, Mark Hoddenbagh, Laura O’Blenis

Small and medium size universities across Canada are critical for advancing Canadian economic development and prosperity. Research excellence takes place in all universities and has a strategic...

Daniel J. Weeks , André Manseau, David Cruise Malloy, Michael Owen, J. Kevin Vessey

Collaboration and partnerships are the order of the day. From “public-private partnerships” at the level of government agencies, to industry-academic research collaborations that drive technology...

Marcius Extavour, Edward Thomas, Stephen Perelgut, David Tweddell, Marianne Romansky

The office of the Auditor General, will be presenting the findings of Canada-Alberta oil sands monitoring program, CEAA 2012, and marine navigation in the arctic. The need or the benefit of...

Janet Halliwell, Julie Gelfand, Pierre Meulien, Alan Bernstein, Peter Nicholson, Dr. Martha Crago

This panel will provide a national-level discussion on the future of graduate student and postdoctoral training in Canada. What does Canada’s next generation of innovation leaders look like? What...

Rachel Brighton, Ross Laver, Kevin Dunn, Valerie Walker, Andre Bezanson

Governments are increasingly concerned with the economic impact and societal relevance of scientific investments. Canada’s new knowledge economy is strongly enabled by premier national research...

Mark Henderson, Robert Lamb, Dr. Jonathan Bagger, Martin Taylor, Nigel Smith

Government science is currently undergoing a historic transition that will ultimately re-define its internal structure, the direction of its partnerships and networks, and the future of Canada’s...

Ivan Semeniuk, Katie Gibbs, Thomas J. Duck, Michael Halpern, Peter Morand

This session is jointly sponsored by Research Data Canada (RDC), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) on behalf...

Walter Stewart, Charles (Chuck) Humphrey , Ernie Boyko, Christine Trauttsmansdorff

Over the past several decades, Complex International Science, Technology, and Innovation Partnerships (CISTIPs) have emerged as an increasingly popular policy instrument through which governments...

Dan Roos, Manuel Heitor, Pierre Bilodeau, Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Danielle Wood, Mac Hird

The objective of this panel is to share individual experiences of successes in supporting effective innovation and commercialization in Atlantic Canada.

The panel will examine the need for...

Muthu Singaram, David Burns, Kevin Dunn, Kathleen Rayworth, Larry Shaw, Jeffrey Crelinsten