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CSPC | CSPC 2020 Themes

CSPC 2020 Themes

Acknowledging the new realities faced by Canada and the world, and recognizing the crucial role of science and innovation policy in managing the COVID-19 and post-pandemic world; the overarching theme of the conference will be:

CSPC 2020: New Decade, New Realities: Hindsight, Insight, Foresight

The significant impact of the pandemic and complete change of the realities of our time, makes it impossible to discuss any topic without considering new dimensions and changes as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, CSPC decided to horizontally embed the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts into existing themes, as all of them merit discussion with new considerations. We encourage this consideration into your submissions, because as expected, CSPC 2020 will be a reflection of the long lasting impacts of COVID-19 and the role of science and innovation policy in public policy and economic development.

List of the themes and topics

CSPC 2020 Special theme: Grand Challenges

  • Climate Change, Net Zero Plan
  • Global Health:  Pandemics, Ageing, AMR
  • Cyber Security & Digital Transformation
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Energy & Resources
  • Sustainable Development Goals


Science and Society

  • A new relationship between science and society?
  • Information/Mis-information; How science can help
  • Science and society relationship
  • Contributing to solutions - the social and human sciences
  • Science and democracy
  • A changing workplace
  • Science communication


Science and Policy

  • Policy Making during Emergencies, Lessons Learned
  • Government Science
  • Policy for Emerging Technologies
  • Best practices in research and translation
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Open Science
  • Linking science to policy; new trends in EBDM
  • Modernising the science ecosystem
  • Research excellence
  • Science Policy at Municipal and local level
  • Big data
  • The Decade of Ocean, declared by the UN


Science, Innovation and Economic Development

  • Science and innovation in economic recovery
  • Knowledge translation/technology transfer
  • Regional innovation capacity
  • Connecting science to innovation
  • Industrial R&D and Private sector innovation
  • Transition to low carbon economy
  • New Decade: Perspectives from industry


Science and International Affairs and Security

  • Trends in international collaboration, post-pandemic world
  • Risks and uncertainties in International collaboration
  • Science diplomacy in a polarized world
  • International agencies, pandemic, and the deglobalized world
  • Space - managing the "international commons"


Science and the Next Generation

  • Skill Development
  • Mobility of researchers
  • Research training - how and for what
  • Science as a career
  • Next generation of science activists


Panel organizers are requested to develop the content of their proposals with a solution-oriented approach that covers important questions such as;

Why is this a pressing issue that Canada faces today and/or over the next decade? 

How and what kind of scientific and/or traditional knowledge can help address the challenge?

How do we strengthen the Canadian institutions and policies that support the production, integration and use of knowledge in tackling this challenge?

How do we more effectively link the public, private and academic sectors in tackling this challenge?

How could the public be engaged in addressing this challenge?

How should CSPC play a role in helping to find solutions to this priority challenge?


The proposed panel needs not to answer or discuss each of these questions but encouraged to take into consideration answering a few of the above questions.    

The deadline for submitting panel proposals is Friday, June 12th, 2020. Applications for panel submissions and criteria for panel selection can be found here.